Tips to Organically Grow Your Instagram

In 2022, I gained 75,000 followers on Instagram organically. It was the biggest growth spurt my Instagram had ever experienced in its 11 years of existence.

I'm going to share all the things I did that worked for me and allowed me to grow.

tips to grow your instagram

I stopped posting static images and carousels.

All of my research has shown that Instagram is favoring reels in an attempt to compete with TikTok.

I started using trending sounds.

I no longer use popular songs. I scroll through Instagram and look for funny food related sounds that have less that 5,000 uses.

I engaged with other people's reels.

I try to dedicate about 30 minutes to an hour scrolling through the Instagram reels explore page and engage with similar creators in my niche.

I posted 6-7 times a week.

My goal is to post one reel a day, every day. I post 4-5 stories daily.

I stayed in my niche.

I stay tightly within my niche. I want my followers to know what to expect on my page.

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