Cuban Steak Sandwich {Pan Con Bistec}

The Pan Con Bistec sandwich is the ultimate sandwich that is perfect for lunch, dinner or at 2am when you need a late night snack.

Bistec de palomilla is a large thinly sliced steak, usually no more than ¼ inch thick.

what exactly is bistec de palomilla?


In a large frying pan, heat olive oil over high heat and drop the steaks in, one at a time. Cook the steak for 1 minute on each side.


Remove the steaks from the pan and drop the heat to low. Add to the same pan the lime juice of one lime, onions and garlic.


Cut your Cuban bread loaf approximately the length of your bistec then slice in half. Assemble your sandwich, starting with the tomatoes at the bottom.


Place the top of the cuban bread over the sandwich and brush some melted butter over the top bun if desired.


Make it a "caballo." Add a fried egg to your bistec sandwich and make it a "pan con bistec a caballo."

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