Instant Pot Cuban Ropa Vieja

About this recipe

Authentic Cuban ropa vieja made in a fraction of the time in your Instant pot

What is Ropa Vieja?

This dish is considered my many as the 'National dish" of Cuba. The words "Ropa Vieja" translates to old clothes. Legend has it that this dish's name comes from a poor man not being able to afford food for his family and shredded his clothes and cooked them.

Ingredients Needed

– Cumin – Bay leaves – Salt – Black Pepper – Dried oregano – Flank steak – Vegetable oil – Red bell pepper – Green bell pepper – White onion – Large tomatoes – Garlic cloves


If you're having a hard time finding flank steak, you can use chuck roast instead. Typically, this dish is made with an 8oz can of tomato sauce. I prefer using fresh tomatoes because it reduces the amount of preservatives and salt in the dish.