Why you'll love this pineapple habanero salsa

This delicious recipe is one of my favorite ways of combining fresh flavors, sweetness and spice. This is the perfect combination of sweet and savory; I love adding it to all sorts of dishes or even eating it as a dip with homemade tortilla chips.


For this pineapple habanero salsa recipe you'll need: – Fresh pineapple – Habanero peppers – fresh tomatoes – red onion – fresh cilantro – fresh lime juice – garlic clove – kosher salt & pepper


– Chop your sweet pineapple, onions, tomatoes into small pieces and place in a bowl. – Wear gloves to handle the orange habanero chile pepper. Slice the pepper in half and remove seeds. Mince the habanero into tiny, small pieces. Adjust the level of heat by adding more or less Habanero. Add the minced habanero to the bowl with rest of homemade salsa – Add to the bowl lime juice, salt and pepper. – Mix to combine and serve at room temperature.

Serve with

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