Why you'll love it 

This queso frito recipe is so easy and delicious.  What's better than cheese?! DEEP FRIED CHEESE, That's what!

Ingredients Needed

Queso De Freir Frying oil of choice (Canola oil, vegetable oil or a light olive oil) Dipping Sauce of choice


- Cut your cheese in whatever way you prefer. - Pat with paper towels to ensure you remove as much excess liquid as possible.  - In a large skillet, add your choice of frying oil, Set the stove to medium-high heat and allow the oil to reach about 350 degrees. - It should cook in about 30 seconds, so you can not look away. -Once the cheese develops a golden brown crust,  take it out and place over paper towels to drain the excess oil.

Top Tips

Not all cheeses labeled as "queso de freir" will deep fry well. Different countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America also have their version of fried cheeses. I recommend testing one small cube of cheese in the fryer before starting to cook everything.  Do not crowd your frying pan. I like to fry 4-5 cheese slices at a time. Crowding the pan will make the cheese pieces stick to each other. Do not look away! The cheese will cook in only 30 seconds! Anything longer than that the cheese will burn.

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