Tips for Better Food Instagram Photos

In today’s digital age, food that is almost too pretty to eat demands its photo be taken and shared throughout social media.

These simple tips will elevate your foodporn pictures to the next level. I'll be touching on everything from lighting to styling.

Tips for Better Food Instagram Photos

natural light is your best friend!

What I mean by “natural light,” is actually indirect sunlight. Indirect sunlight brightens up your dishes and makes colors pop more than a dimly lit dining room.

colorful ingredients make for better pictures!

Adding some color to your food seduces all of your senses simultaneously.

set the scene!

Get rid of any clutter in the background such as straw wrappers and crumpled napkins. A messy background will take away from the main focal point.

clean your plate!

This one is kind of up to your own personal preference. Some people dont mind a messy plate, I find it distracting.

If you're dining at night and want to shoot photos of your meal, opt instead for an LED light that offers constant and consistent light.

forget the flash!

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