Cuban White Rice

Why you'll love it

This is the easiest rice recipe you'll ever find. Four ingredients and no rice cooker needed! Fluffy delicious rice in 15 minutes!


– Long grain white rice – Water – Vegetable oil – Salt


RINSE YOUR RICE! Using a fine mesh strainer, rinse your rice in room temperature water until the water comes out clear.


-To a medium sized sauce pan, add your oil, salt, water and rice. Set your heat to high. – Stir your rice so the salt becomes well incorporated through out the rice. – The minute your rice begins to boil, quickly drop the heat to low and cover. Allow to cook for ten minutes without removing the lid. – Once the ten minutes have passed, open the lid and fluff up your rice with a fork. Turn off the heat and cover the rice again. Keep the rice covered for another 5 minutes