Why you'll love it 

Learn to make traditional Cuban coffee using a Moka Pot.  Cafe Cubano is strong sweet and absolutely delicious.


– Cuban-style coffee, if you don't have access to Cuban coffee then opt for ground dark roast beans – Sugar of choice – Water

Equipment Needed

All you need for this is: -  a moka pot  -  a creamer cup.


– Fill base with water to the level of the safety valve. Replace the funnel into the base and fill it with ground coffee.  – Set your stove top to medium high to begin brewing – Add your sugar to your creamer cup and carefully watch your moka pot as it brews. – Once the moka pot begins brewing coffee, you'll remove the moka pot off the stove for a moment and add about 1 teaspoon of the dark coffee to the creamer cup. – Place the moka pot back on the stove so it can continue brewing. – While the coffee continues brewing, use a spoon to mix vigorously your coffee and sugar. – Continue mixing until you've creamed the sugar and a light brown paste develops. – Pour the espresso into the creamer cup and stir gently. You'll see the espumita develop. – Carefully pour your prepared coffee to your espresso cups and enjoy

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