Why you'll love these Halloween chicken parm sliders

Everyone loves a fun Halloween themed snack or festive Halloween appetizer! These chicken parm monster sliders are the perfect snack for your Halloween parties!


– your choice of frozen chicken tenders – your choice of slider buns (Hawaiian sweet rolls, yeast bread rolls, potato bread etc) – Mozzarella cheese – Marinara or spaghetti tomato sauce of choice – green olives stuffed with pimento


- Cook chicken tenders as directed in their packaging. – Using a pairing knife cut the edges of your cheese to look like sharp teeth. – Prepare your green olive eyes by skewering one olive on a toothpick. You'll need two olives per slider to make the monster eyes. – On the bottom slider bun, place about 1 tablespoon of marinara sauce. – over the marinara, place your hot chicken tender. – Then, place your mozzarella cheese and be sure that the "teeth" part of the cheese is facing forward. – Place the top bun on the sandwich and then skewer two olives onto the top bun to make the monster.

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