Why you'll love these Halloween hot dog fingers

- Perfect for Halloween parties - Kid Friendly spooky snack - Great for Halloween cookouts or barbecues


– Your choice of hot dogs (kosher, beef etc) – Hot dog buns (sweet rolls, potato bread rolls etc) - Red sauce of choice to look like blood (ketchup, bbq sauce, buffalo sauce etc


– To make the fingernails, slice the two sides of the fingernail, then straight across the top. Then make a slight curved slice for the bottom nail bed. Your slices should be very shallow, only about ⅛ of an inch deep. – Next, take your knife and carefully slice the fingernail piece off the top. – Make the knuckles, make one straight slit along the middle with two crescent slits directly above and below it at the center of the hot dog. -Cook/grill your hot dogs -Place in you bun with desired red sauce

Topping Ideas

For these halloween hot dogs, I suggest placing the toppings under the hot dogs so the finger is the main focal point. Some topping ideas are: – Ketchup – bbq sauce – spaghetti sauce – saurkraut – pickles or relish – mustard – potato stix – potato chips of choice – black olives – green olives – onions – cole slaw – shredded cheese