Why You'll Love it

This spooky cocktail is a perfect Halloween drink. Made with melon liqueur for the bright green color, edible shimmer for some sparkle, black salt and dry ice, this is the perfect drink for your adult halloween party.


Midori melon liqueur Tequila Cointreau Fresh lime juice Simple syrup Black Lava Salt Cup of ice Dry Ice Edible shimmer or edible glitter


– Prepare your glass by running a slice of lime around the rim of each glass and dip the edge into a small amount of black salt. – Add the melon liqueur, tequila, cointreau, lime juice, edible shimmer, simple syrup and ice to a cocktail shaker. Shake for 15 seconds. – Strain the green drink into your prepared glass. – Add using a pair of tongs, add a little dry ice to the glass for a spooky appearance. – Wait for the dry ice to dissolve before drinking.

Note on using dry ice

When using dry ice, you can not touch it with your bare hands. Use a pair of tongs to handle the dry ice. It’s also perfectly safe in cocktails as long as you use food grade dry ice. When in your cocktail, you must let the dry ice completely dissolve before enjoying your delicious concoction. Swallowing a piece of dry ice can cause injury.


Not a fan of Melon Liquer? Opt instead for Raspberry, cherry, or lemon liqueurs. Other options are sour apple schnapps or blue curacao. If you don't have Cointreau available, you can use Triple Sec. If you're not a fan of simple syrup, opt for Agave instead. Don't have any fresh limes handy? You can use for bottled lime juice instead. Don't have black salt available for your glass rim? Opt instead for black sugar sprinkles.